Review: The Philippine Pact

book cover and 3 stars

The Philippine Pact, A Connor Stark Novel by Claube Berube (30 April 2023) Sunbury Press, Inc., Milford House Press

The novel opens with a prologue where a plane carrying the Philippine President Quinta explodes.

Connor Stark, a former military officer and owner of a private security company called Highland Maritime Defense is conducting a military exercise with the Philippine Navy on Balabac Island, Palawan. Unexpectedly, their exercise is interrupted by an ambush on that island. Connor and the Philippine Navy are left to figure out the mystery behind the ambush and the disappearance of most of the island’s inhabitants.

Elsewhere, Damien Golzari is investigating a human trafficking case in France, leading him to Portugal. At the same time, Ambassador CJ Sumner who is known to be close to US President Dunner, is analyzing the events in the Philippines.

This is the third book in the Connor Stark series, and I haven’t read the first two. So for a new reader like me, I’m properly introduced to Connor, Damien, and CJ in snippets of what they’ve done together in the two previous novels.

The Philippine Pact is a novel that examines politics, navy, and crime thriller in one plot. Though it may seem too incredible for some Filipino readers like me, the themes of treason and loyalty are still present in the face of tension between the Philippines and China. The author’s background in naval history and maritime security is well-displayed in this book. As a result, I rate the book 3 out of 5 stars.

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