Review: The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon

The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon book cover and 4 stars

The Nine Lives of Bianca Moon, Morton Digby #1, by Delas Heras (June 2023) Double Six Books

This novel is a blend of fantasy and murder mysteries featuring cats and dogs. It is set in the summer of 1954 in a magical New York City where cats and dogs are the only inhabitants. The story begins with Flint Lockford, an Irish wolfhound journalist, planning to propose marriage to a Turkish Angora cat, although they don’t plan to have children of their own, they want to adopt puppies and kittens.

Unfortunately, when Flint dies, Detective Morton Digby (a border collie mix) and his partner, Senior Detective J.B. Puddleworth (a Scottish terrier) must prove that Flint’s death was not an accident, but rather a planned murder.

Meanwhile, Flint’s ghost meets new friends and discovers the mysteries of being a spirit.

His fiancée, Bianca Moon (the Turkish Angora cat) is furious upon learning about his death and decides to take matters into her own paws, knowing she still has seven lives left (Thus, the title.) Her impulsive actions either help or complicate the detectives’ investigation as they uncover the suspects’ motives for killing the journalist.

This book is an enjoyable read. Although I am not a fan of stories with anthropomorphic animals, I am impressed with the world created by the author, especially how the cats’ nine lives pan out (which makes me sad because dogs only have one life). As a murder mystery thriller, I found the plot suspenseful and ALMOST guessed the mastermind correctly. Therefore, I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars.

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