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The Last Call

Last updated on 25 November 2018

THE LAST CALL by George Wier

Bill Travis was a financial consultant, divorced, no kids, just a single guy living a single life. Monday morning as he drove to his office, he saw a beautiful girl driving a roadster along the Austin traffic. Little did he know that she would be his client that morning, who seeked help that involved two million US dollars.

At first, Julie Simmons’ story was something too good to be true. It was about getting involved with a guy named Archie Carpin, grandson of one of the Carpin Gang known in the ’30s. That spelled trouble for Julie. But Bill believed her (and admired her). So he decided to help her and off they went to Bill’s long-time friend and client, Hank Sterling.

Bill might have forgotten that Julie’s middle name is Trouble. Because at Hank’s house, shots were fired at Julie. Still Bill believed her, and promised to help her through the end despite the numerous times Julie kept holding on to some secrets.

The story progressed, new characters introduced, and plot thickened. An action-packed story that hooked me at the beginning until the end. It only took me less than a day to read the e-book using my Kindle app while rocking my baby nephew to sleep. A good, entertaining, and educational read (a little history of Texas included). It’s worth having a copy.

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