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Si Aling Mameng comics cover portfolio

Si Aling Mameng

Aling Mameng, as she was called, was the most hated neighbor in Sunshine Village, a small subdivision outside Metro Manila. So when she died of a heart attack, no one came to her funeral. But when the police found out that she was poisoned, all who hated her became suspects.

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The First Trilogy book cover portfolio

The First Trilogy (In Original Filipino Text)

How could you say “trilogy” when one of them was unpublished? But that’s not the case anymore. For the first time, in e-book format, you’ll get the chance to read my first trilogy.

Küng äng Txt i My CüPdö (“,)

Pagers are out and Christine just got her new cellphone. As she was trying to contact her brother, she receives an anonymous text message from someone named Jonathan. She agrees to meet Jonathan when she goes to her hometown for a Christmas vacation. But she didn’t expect to see her ex-boyfriend and first love, Jeffrey. Has she really moved on and ready to fall in love again?

Can I Use My Love Lines?

Christine’s brother, Ed, has been loveless for quite some time now. He has an old childhood crush, his secretary’s elder sister. But being a joker that he is, Fate gives him a lesson.

I’m Greg, Short For Gregarious

Christine’s best friend, Greg, is a closet gay. After the reality of Christine and Ed having their own love lives sinked in his mind, Greg feels it’s time for him to move on and have his own love life as well.


WARNING: No English translation available. This was written for the Filipino audience in mind at the time of writing and it was full of idiomatic expressions, jargon, and nuances typical of the time and setting of the story. Translating it to English might change its contextual meaning.

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