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Number One Fan book cover portfolio

Number One Fan

Regine Sta. Maria received a bouquet of roses and a phone call from someone who calls himself as her Number One Fan. But the message was too good to be true. It could be any other prank journalists like her usually receive.

But when people around her start to die one after another, she has to guess who the next victim is. But how could she do so when her only clue is the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?

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This has a really unusual and interesting setting for a mystery novel. This reader does not recall ever reading a book set in news casting, or in the Philippines, which lends a really original cast to the whole story. Regine is clearly is a strong and capable woman, and her sense of family and responsibility as well as ambition keep the reader on her side. Overall it is a strong idea for a story and a setting that could support sequels.– Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Award

“We are interested in to publish your book named “Number One Fan” in Turkish. I just wonder if the Turkish rights of the book are still free…” – Ilker Balkan, Foreign Rights Manager, Altin Bilek Yayinlari

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“I did not see this coming. You literally had me on the edge, The plot was too good…. It was a mere pleasure reading this….” – Fluffy, reader

“Not bad!! Good read!! Liked it!” – Sonia G., reader

“This is really like when a stranger calls. I love thrillers like these! Kudos to the writer!” – Pink Belle, reader

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