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Filipino Freelance Writer and Author

I’m ISSA BACSA, a Filipino freelance writer and author. I used to be a registered medical technologist and nurse before becoming a creative writer. I help various clients here and abroad with their writing needs. At the same time, I still find time to write my own novels.

A Filipino Author

I left my nursing profession in 1999 and shifted to creative writing. After attending a screenplay writing workshop, I wrote my first screenplay, Sa Likod ng Puting Uniporme. It is about five stories running at the same time inside a hospital for three days. That same screenplay won Honorable Mention (Finalist) in a nationwide writing contest.

In 2002, G. P. Nepomuceno-Sunshine Publishing published my first Filipino romance novel, Küng äng Txt ï My KüPdö (“, ). It is about a love story that started with a wrong sent text message. Since then, I have written a few novels more.

I also wrote comics for Abante Komiks in late 2002 starting with my first comics, Si Aling Mameng. It is about the death of the most-hated neighbor and her neighbors became the suspects.

After many years, in 2013, I published my first English novel, Number One Fan. It is about a female news anchor who receives a message from her so-called “Number One Fan” that says: “Make me number one or else someone dies.” This e-book is now available on Amazon.

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A Filipino Freelance Writer

This site also serves as my online portfolio and blog to promote my freelance writing service. I offer a wide-range of writing services from article writing to web content administration. One advantage of hiring me is that I can write in different formats, in different genres, for different niches and for different industries.

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A Blogger

The blog topics in here are limited to writing (my passion), true crime (my favorite genre), and a few writing samples (for clients to look into). Feel free to look at my portfolio and read some of the testimonies.

Issa Bacsa as a Filipino freelance writer

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Penstoppe is a blog about writing and other topics related to it. The writer in me (and some of my readers) still appreciate words of encouragement while living the writer’s life. Consider this as a pit stop for writers.

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True Crime is an old blog category which I still retain because it has some following. It features true crime stories around the world, mostly unsolved cases until today. As a crime fiction author, I’m intrigued with this kind of stories (and you might be intrigued, too).

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I used to post here my reviews on books, films, etc. but I decided to have them on a separate site instead. Please visit Star Stack blog if you have time.

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If you have something for me to try or review, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.

More About Issa Bacsa

If you’re looking for a Filipino freelance writer, check out the next pages for my resume, portfolio, and blog.

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And if you love writing or reading crime fiction, why not join the “tribe”? Let us all get together once in a while online.