Imagine a friend has come to you for help. He/She dreams of becoming a writer but is burdened by fears. He/She worries he/she has no talent and has nothing to say. Perhaps he/she worries he/she’s taking precious time away from her family to pursue his/her selfish desire to write. For 15 minutes, write to that friend and give him/her hope.


I see you’re not smiling. Why that frown on your face? Your eyes seem to cry.

So you want to write? Then why are you not writing?

Who told you that you have not talent? If you’re not talented, then what am I?

You see, my friend, I see you as more intelligent than I am. I see you as more than talented than I am. Yes, really. You’re my idol. I look up to you. So what are you talking about?

So what? Don’t mind them! I mean, writing is something done alone.

Does that really mean you’re selfish? No, I don’t think so. Because when you write, you’re sharing much more than what others don’t. You’re sharing your mind… your heart… your soul. It might not be that intangible, but it’s the most beautiful to share because it touches the heart.

That’s why writers write.

Go on, cry. But I suggest that you write what you’re crying about. Write while you’re crying. That’s cathartic… and productive. After crying, step back. Don’t look at what you’ve written today. Return tomorrow, or probably next week. By the time your emotions are over, read what you’ve written. You’ll discover a gem, a true piece of writing from a soulful writer in you.

Come on, grab a pen and a paper. Write.

Don’t worry about your handwriting. Don’t worry about your spelling. Don’t worry about grammar. Just write what you’re thinking, and write while you think, just like how you would talk. Write!

There… go on… it doesn’t matter if you fill up a page or two. Stop only when you don’t have nothing else to write. Go on… continue writing.

Whew! You did it! How was it? Was it cathartic? Does it feel good? I know, right? Good job!

You’re welcome. Just don’t forget, whenever you feel like this again… do this kind of writing. Feel. Write. Repeat.

We write to taste life twice…Anais Nin