Why Should You Give Crime Fiction a Chance?

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There are those people who rarely read crime fiction and have good reasons to do so. But, if they give crime fiction a chance, they will understand why there is such a genre. Here are the reasons why:

Non-fiction provides you with the facts. The fiction about it gives you feelings.

Most of us start our research by reading non-fiction accounts of events. But if you want to know eyewitness accounts, you better look into the writings of those who were there. Most fiction writers use their experiences and those of others in their writing because they are a true crime. They present it with a better picture that stays in your mind much better than a photograph.

Crime fiction is as good as social criticism.

Lawlessness and corruption in society have brought about crime fiction. The cynicism is in response to the depression, corruption, brutality, racism, and double standards in society. Most crime fiction depicts these themes because of their prevalence in society as a form of social commentary.

Crime fiction mirrors the social conditions that “cultivates” crime.

This is something related to number 2. But ever since Hollywood began making films from crime novels, the typical storyline about catching the killer before he kills again became formulaic. These films don’t show a statement to the society that produced the killer. It’s not as simple as “society made him do it.” Depicting violence shouldn’t be about sensationalizing the gore. It’s about describing the violent consequences that may last for decades. And crime fiction should move people to act upon this.

Crime fiction isn’t about killing, it can also show white-collar crimes.

White-collar crimes happen in the corporate world and are described in one word: greed. White-collar criminals don’t need to kill. Many authors have written about it. But sometimes, the only place where corrupt men and women go to jail or get killed is in the pages of our novels.

Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.

– Honoré de Balzac

Crime fiction can analyze the life and times of one person.

Unfortunately, a lot of contemporary crime fiction is escapism. But best crime writers can dramatize the solitary and tragic life of a single character. They make the reader feel the pain, sorrow, loss, and injustice that the character has gone through.

You’ll discover new and unknown crime fiction writers.

Most of the new, aspiring writers start with crime fiction because the genre is in demand. At the same time, most writers create their first fiction from experience. And if you read more of these writers and their works, the publishers and the reading public might take notice.

One death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic.

– Josef Stalin

I appeal to those who don’t read crime fiction, to give the genre a chance and discover our different world.

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