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Penstoppe is a blog about #writing and #productivity. Consider this as a pit stop for the #WritingCommunity and #freelancers. #Writers (and #readers, too) appreciate tips and words of encouragement while living the #WritersLife.

Common Grammar Mistakes Explained

Common grammar mistakes could be just that, honest mistakes. But if done repeatedly, it could be pet peeves to others. As a writer, being keen in observing correct spelling and usage of the English language, or even Filipino for that matter, not only shows how educated a person is, but also how someone respects the […]

Stop Attracting Bad Clients

All freelancers agree that there are bad clients out there. We hear from writers similar stories of bad experiences from clients after writing for them. I, too, experience those types of clients. This phenomenon has become a chronic disease for some writers because they get one bad client after another which could burn them out […]

Is the Pomodoro Technique For You?

The first time I heard of the Pomodoro Technique was in November 2013 while working for a client. My client told me to learn this time management system and apply it while doing the tasks for him. So he sent me some materials to read and off I started. What is the Pomodoro Technique? The […]

The Pitch

During my screenwriting workshop days, we spent a lot of time writing down a one-sentence story pitch on the board. Our mentor, Nestor U. Torre, would comment if the pitch will sustain a full-length film story or not. It took us some time to get things right. Because if we couldn’t make a good pitch, […]

How Much Will You Charge?

The freelance writer is a man who is paid per piece or per word or perhaps. – Robert Benchley The quote above came from American comedian and writer Robert Benchley. Every freelance writer, or other freelancers even, can relate to it. How much should a freelance writer charge is one of the frequent questions asked […]

Theme: Does a Story Have to Have a Moral?

Most of us have read Aesop’s fables in our childhood. The four Gospels have their own share of parables. These are just examples of stories that teach a moral lesson about what’s right and wrong. And it’s effective to the readers because the stories will remind them of those lessons. While fables and parables are […]