• What Banned Books Have You Read?

    Until now, there has been an increase in book censorship complaints around the world.

  • Does the Clearmind App Work?

    Clearmind prides itself as the world’s first AI therapy tool. Think of it as an AI-driven app for mental health.

  • What is Retrogaming?

    I’m from Generation X whose gaming life is what you would say old-school. I’ve seen games evolved from the small hand-held Nintendo Game & Watch to today’s PlayStation 5. So I’ve played a few games from and in between.

  • What Is Fiction?

    Fiction is both artifice and verisimilitude. It requires both creative invention and a degree of acceptable truthfulness.

  • Why Should You Give Crime Fiction a Chance?

    There are those people who rarely read crime fiction. But, if they give crime fiction a chance, they will understand why there is such a genre.

  • Behind The Story: Number One Fan

    The story behind the novel, “Number One Fan” I wrote many years ago.

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