It has been a year now that I’ve stopped teaching and somehow I miss the campus life. But learning doesn’t start and end in a school, it goes on continuously. So I turn my blogs into a form of teaching hoping that those who read them learn a thing or two.

Months ago, while discussing persuasive writing to my students, I asked my class to write a copy for a fictitious brand of beauty products. I’ve told my class that copy writing, or writing for an advertisement, is a good example of persuasive writing. It is the art of grabbing someone’s attention to act on the matter in brief statements but full of impact. Although most advertisements come in 5 to 60 seconds, the process of creating one involves copy writing.

So I told my students to think of AIDA. No, she’s not a woman. It is an acronym that spells out the process in copy writing.

A Stands for Attention.

The first part has to do with getting someone’s attention. Usually, it is a form of a startling question or quote. The “what would you do?” question works in most commercials like Sprite or Cornetto. And once you’ve attracted someone’s attention, you’ll have to go directly to I.

I Stands for Interest.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, once you got someone’s attention, you have to make a way of sustaining that interest. Whet his/her appetite without divulging too much information. Keep the suspense high then go for the D.

D Stands for Desire.

You’ve managed to whet the appetite, so it goes on to create the desire. Show, not just tell. Sell the benefits, not just the features. Do these and he/she will crave for it. Then you go straight to the last A.

A Stands for Action.

You already have his/her attention, you already kept him/her interested, he/she showed the desire to have it, so it’s time for him/her to take action. This is the part where you will provide the information they’re asking for: where to get it and how. This is also the part where to use the verb power. Use active verbs that influences action.

AIDA does not limit itself in copy writing. It also applies in other forms of marketing — SEO, PPC, etc. And as I always say to my students, whenever you write with a call to action in mind, think of AIDA.

Now it’s your turn. Try writing a copy using this method and see the difference. Let me know if you achieved something positive with it.