Writing Prompt #1

mirror mirror

Ever since I subscribed to Writer’s Digest, I keep a file of my favorite writing prompts. Writing prompts are sentences or situations you could use to help you start writing. These prompts help you overcome writer’s block and for me, a breeding ground of story ideas.

Below is one of the exercises I wrote using WD’s Weekly Writing Prompts. The instruction was to rewrite a fairy tale from the bad guy’s point of view. And here is what I wrote:


“Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”
I asked the talking mirror. I don’t know why it talks, I don’t remember casting a spell on it. In fact, it was the first thing I noticed when I started practicing black magic.
Well, anyway, it replied back: “Snow White, my Lady.”
“The nerve! You’re lying!”
“I’m not lying, madame.”.
“Then why her and not me?”
“Uhm… she’s younger, you’re older…”
“Does THAT have to be a factor in being beautiful?”
“Well, my Lady, I have to be honest, yes…”
If I get myself younger, as old as Snow White… “By the way, how old is she?”
“Eighteen, my Lady.”
“Hmm… and I’m…”
“In your forties, my Lady…”
“I didn’t ask you for MY age!”
“I’m sorry, my Lady. But you see, age makes a difference.”
I could help myself with a youth potion. “That’s right, Mirror. One moment…” And after gulping a vial of a youth potion I created long ago, BOOM! I turned young, as young as eighteen. “There, Mirror… now, who’s the fairest of them all?”
“Uhm… well, you look young and beautiful, my Lady.”
“Am I the fairest now?”
“Not quite, madame. Not quite.”
“What?!!! I already turned myself younger and still, I’m not the most beautiful woman?”
“You see, my Lady, I find your beauty lacking…”
“And may I know what is lacking in me?”
“Ah… should I tell it to the Lady or not? I think it would be better if my Lady would realize it herself…”
“Stop with your sililoquies! You’re talking to yourself out loud that I could hear every word you’ve said!”
“I’m sorry, my Lady. But I’d rather keep the answer to myself and let you discover it on your own.”
“And why, may I ask?”
“Well… my Lady… it’s… complicated…”
“What do you mean complicated? I’m just asking you what is it that I lack to become the most beautiful woman in the world!”
“Well, as I’ve said, you should have realized it in the first place for you to find out…”
“Hmmph! Enough of this! Mirror, I demand you to be straightforward! Tell me! Tell me now what I lack to become the most beautiful woman… to be the fairest of them all! Tell me now!!!!”
“Okay, okay, my Lady… calm down… you should have known better… you shouldn’t have asked… in the first place, YOU WERE A MAN!”


Now, it’s your turn. Write it on your comment below. Happy writing!

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