Why I Keep On Throwing Out Stuffs

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Lester, a scavenger boy who frequents our house, came to pick up trash and pieces of junk. I was cleaning the bathroom when I heard my husband talk to him. So I went out and instructed Volts to get rid of the two sacks full of old plastic containers, bottles, and other stuff worth getting rid of from our kitchen. I also included an old steamer/sterilizer which we haven’t used for years now and has accumulated white patches inside. However, my mother in-law went downstairs and saw the old steamer/sterilizer and took it back. I just shook my head and said to myself that I lost a battle right there.

What I wanted to drive at is to let go of things that haven’t been used for a year or more. First, because it is more likely than not that it will never be used again within the next 3 months. Second, there is something karmic in letting go of things (believe me, there is something equivalent or much better in return). And third, cleanliness is really next to Godliness.

As mothers and housekeepers, we tend to stuff things in our closets thinking that it could be handed down to a younger child later, or would be used again in the future (which we really don’t know exactly when). We keep on holding on to old clothes that doesn’t fit anymore, hoping that we’ll get back into our pre-pregnancy figure. What we don’t realize is that, it accumulates clutter. Actually, we’re already hoarding.

Somehow, hoarding clutter boils down to one thing: selfishness. Think about it, there is something selfish in those acts. If we just think that anybody’s trash could be someone else’s treasure, then it would be selfish if we deprive them of their treasure by holding on to our clutter.

I used to keep things because of sentimental value. I used to have collections of stuffs that I accumulated for years. However, as I grow and mature, and started to embrace peace of mind, I see them now as clutter. Then I learned to let go of old books, clothes, bags, shoes, etc. and have been contented with a few things that were left.

So at the end of each season (I try to do mine every year), try to schedule cleaning up and getting rid of clutter in your home. Sort out these things into four containers (a sack or plastic trash bag will do): (1) Throw away, (2) Give away, (3) Put away (things that aren’t yours and let the owners themselves sort these out), and (4) Store away (things that you will keep). Once you sorted them out, never go back into each trash bags.

Once you’re done, you will feel relieved. And don’t be surprised if something replaces that trash with something better. Consider that as a blessing.

Author: Issa Bacsa

A first-hand experience type of copywriter who writes her own experiences and reviews for clients in the consumer-based industries. Also an author and screenplay writer. Proud to be a Filipina.

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