Barako Mama | What This Dream May Come Of It

a quote from Job 33:15 about dream

I had a weird dream last night. It was weird because the sequences were illogical; it doesn’t make sense. But before I tell you the story, let me give you a background how I started interpreting dreams on my own.

The Back Story

Back in 2000 to 2001, I bought a book from Popular Bookstore, a small bookstore located near ABS-CBN. It was a book about how to improve your mental abilities including psychic and creative skills. I’ve read that one method of trying to decipher a dream’s meaning is to make a map of consciousness.

Since then, whenever I had a dream, I would write it down and make a map of consciousness about it until I get the message. This method works for me.

In 2003, while looking for freelance writing projects, I stumbled upon a new newspaper tabloid, Diyaryong Imbestigador. I sent a proposal letter to the editor-in-chief and enclosed two writing samples of how I envisioned the column. Within a week, I got the job. For one year, I wrote a dream interpretation column for the said tabloid under the pseudonym Madame I.

Diyaryong Imbestigador is no longer in circulation and I have abandoned writing dream interpretations. Last night’s dream made me return to this method.

A Dark Gray Board

The first part of the dream went like this:

There was this dark gray board and on it are two choices printed on white paper. I don’t remember what the choices were. All I remember was I have to choose one. However, I was trying hard to remember the right word for the choice I’m selecting. I didn’t even remember choosing an option.

It’s Showtime in Cubao

Then, I found myself in our house in Cubao. I was on top of the stairs. The door behind me was my old bedroom, where I felt my father and husband were. The door in front of me was another bedroom but surprisingly I felt that the hosts of the TV program It’s Showtime were there. I saw Amy Perez closing a sliding window on the door. 

Wait. What? That door has no sliding window. But anyway, to continue…

I felt I need to pee so I went down the stairs. But instead of going to the bathroom, I went straight to the kitchen. There was a boiling stew on the stove and it was overflowing. So lifted the lid and turned off the stove. I saw the wasted stew that have been overflown from the pot. 

Juancho and the Hot Iron Rod

It got more weird when I found myself in a place where I couldn’t pinpoint a location. All I remember was I saw my 3-year old nephew Juancho playing with a hot iron rod. So I told him to be careful as I took the rod from him. I stared at the tip and saw it burning hot. But the weird part was, everything was black and white.

The Map of Consciousness

I woke up and checked my cellphone. It was 3:47 am. I tried figuring out what that dream mean. Good thing I had my journal and ball-point pen beside me. So with the help of my cellphone light, I wrote down the details of the dream.

When I got to my desk that morning, around 7:00 am, I started creating my map of consciousness. I also took a photo of it so you could see.

dream 1 map

What Do I Think of This?

After laying it all out, I looked at what I’ve done and I could see a message. Somehow I have forgotten something from my past — an information, or a lesson, perhaps. It seems that I’m still uncertain of the choices I make.

While I was working at ABS-CBN, (during the initial run of Teysi, a TV show hosted by Tessie Tomas), one of our guests in our Chinese New Year episode, a female fortune teller, told me that I should be in the food business because my birth signs (Aries and Year of the Rooster).

Do I have to shift career? Am I on the downfall of my writing career?

I would be telling this dream to my husband, Voltaire. I told him about that incident with that fortune teller before. That was two years before we got married.

And if I get an opportunity, I’ll strike while the iron is hot. I will know it, for sure.