Penstoppe | What Am I Doing Lately

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You might have noticed that my last entry was  dated late January. I haven’t written anything since then. Aside from doing some projects for clients, I have other personal affairs to look after. To give you an update, here are what I’ve been doing lately:

My father’s cataract operation

My father had been complaining about his eyes. He said his eyes were itching as if there were grains of dust in his eyes. One day, he went to his opthalmologist in Paniqui, alone. I was surprised when he told me that he went to Dr. Chu alone. The doctor told him that he had cataract on both eyes and need to be operated on.

My father is 91 years old, but he can still read newspapers without the aid of eyeglasses. I asked him if he’s willing to undergo the cataract operation and he said he would do so right after the town fiesta on 11 February.

So, on the 12th, I accompanied him to Dr. Chu thinking that he would be the one to operate on him. It turned out that Dr. Chu had stopped doing cataract operations so he could focus on his clinic. He then referred us to another opthalmologist in Tarlac Provincial Hospital.

So the next, day, we went to the Eye Center of Tarlac Provincial Hospital to meet Dr. Remandaban. After a series of tests, my father was scheduled to be operated on his right eye that Friday, 16 February. His medications were given every hour for the next eight hours, then every three hours the next day until his next check up.

His post-op check up was scheduled the next Monday, 19 February. Dr. Remandaban scheduled the operation on my father’s left eye that Friday, 23 February. Same post-op medications until his next check up the next Monday, 26 February.

My father is happy now that he could see clearly now.

Supervisor Training e-book

While this was happening, I was doing a project for a client I’ve met last January. She owns an outsourced HR training company and she chose me to write a Supervisor’s Training manual in an e-book format. She gave me the materials that I need and the freedom to add some.

As the project moved on, she liked the progress and the direction it went. I submitted the final project ahead of time and she liked the outcome. Both of us are looking forward to more projects together.

Product reviews

Another opportunity that came in last month was doing product reviews for a website that mainly focuses on product reviews on health, beauty, and baby products. I stumbled upon this website while searching for freelance writing jobs and applied. I immediately got a positive feedback on my first product review.

But because I was busy with the e-book project and accompanying my father to the opthalmologist, I only submitted two product reviews. But I’ll be submitting reviews if I get health and beauty products worth trying.

I’ve been doing book and film reviews, too. If you have any book, film, health and beauty products that you think I could try and give comment on, let me know.

Seminar and Webinars

I also am hooked on attending seminars on site and online. I received an invitation from the Department of Trade and Industry to attend a free seminar on Valentine’s Day which I attended. Not only it was a great opportunity for networking, but also I got the chance to win a book written by the guest speaker, Paulo Tibig, an entrepreneur champ.

There were also webinars that I had listened to these past few days. One was about publicity and the other about social media.

As much as possible, I don’t pass up the chance to learn something new from these seminars.

My personal projects

Aside from these activities, I also have projects of my own.

  • #GawaNiIssa – To nurture my own creativity, I started doing creative projects other than writing. The hashtag is translated as “made by Issa”. Last January, I recycled an old pair of pants into a handbag, I colored some pages of a coloring book that features Japanese paintings. A few days ago, I made a brochure holder using popsicle sticks and a picture frame out of an old piece of cardboard. I’m about to do some sketching soon.
  • 49 Inspiring Quotes – My 49th birthday is coming and for the past few years, I posted a blog to celebrate the day. This personal project is inspired from last year’s blog and I’m going to publish it as an e-book. Hopefully I’ll be able to publish it on or before my birthday.
  • Feel. Write. Repeat. – This project is a compilation of old blogs about writing. Hopefully, this will be published, too, within this year.

Binge-watching (Again)

After a day’s work, I start watching YouTube videos and indulge on Netflix or iFlix. I’ve watched Queer Eye, American Genius, and a whole lot more. I’ve noticed that I’m now into documentaries rather than movies.

So far, these are the things I’ve been doing lately.