Thoughts On Mothers’ Day

my personal doodle art

my personal doodle art

By the time I finish this article, Mother’s Day has just started. Expect everybody greeting every mom a “Happy Mother’s Day!”. Thanks to those who greet me this day. However, for me, everyday is a Mother’s Day. And while I was thinking of what to write, I remembered the blog I wrote earlier this year.

Come to think of it, we’ve been greeting mothers because we felt they have been good moms. But have we thought about those mothers who became one due to unwanted circumstances?

Think of those rape victims, or teenage girls whose boyfriends had left them suffer in shame. Unprepared for the mother role, their pregnancy had become a turning point in their lives. Some of them went through it and accepted Fate. Unfortunately for the others, they chose abortion or other life path. I wouldn’t blame them. There were no support system back then.

Imagine someone who was in her teenage years during the 1950s up to the 70s. She might have hidden her pregnancy from her parents and gave birth in a charity hospital without their knowledge. Uncertain of the future, and don’t have someone to hold on to, she left her child at the hospital. A few months after that, she reconciled with her parents and told them the truth. She returned to the hospital only to find out that the baby had been adopted. Did she try to look for her baby? Had she given up the hope?

For these mothers, Mother’s Day could be sad or dreadful. The essence of the day itself haunts them with their past mistakes and its consequences. That doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the greeting “Happy Mother’s Day”. They do. It just so happen that their motherhood was different from most of us.

So for those women who suffered that fate, “Happy Mother’s Day”. Here is wishing you Hope.