The Choices We Make

Quote from Wayne Dyer


We make decisions every single day and some of them might have been influenced by parents, relatives, peers, traditions, culture, or religion. It may have come to the point that every decision you made were questioned, putting you on the defensive side, trying to justify your choice.

However, we as individuals have decisions which are ours and ours alone. People may ask for our explanation but still, decisions like these don’t need to be justified.

Whatever we do to your body is our own choice — cut your hair short, pierce your ears, shave or not, slim down, etc. Although these things could be easily influenced and swayed, these decisions should be done on our own, on our terms. Getting an opinion is okay, but at the end of the day, it is still us who has the final say.

Whatever choices we make about sex and having children is also our own business. Issues like these could be easily influenced by religion, culture, and tradition. However, we are not bound to defend ourselves to anyone of our decisions. It’s either they take it or leave it.

Whatever decisions we make regarding our living conditions and career are also things that we should be deciding on our own. Yes, we may need to consult our partner or someone much knowledgeable but that doesn’t mean we have to rely on their decisions first. There is a line between considering an opinion and deciding just because of…

Napoleon Hill mentioned in his book Grow Rich With Peace of Mind that in order to have peace of mind, we need to get rid of things that pull us down be it a tradition, religion, or even persons close to you. It all boils down to one statement: KNOWING YOUR OWN MIND. If you know your own mind, you know what you want; and if you know what you want, you can decide on them without outside influences.

Some of us may take time to get rid of the things that hinder us from deciding on our own. But one thing should be done first: choose to know your mind right now.

And for those who keep on insisting their opinions on others, please, give them space to breathe and let them decide on their own. Your opinion is already appreciated. So don’t expect them to follow your suggestion nor don’t even fret if they chose not to. Let them grow.

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