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A Reality Check on Freelancing

People say that working at home is the perfect set-up because you earn an income without experiencing traffic and restrictive dress code. Yeah, right. That’s what I’ve thought of before I went freelance. So I set up my home office and got to be with my daughter, one of the reasons why I left a Read more about A Reality Check on Freelancing[…]

INFOGRAPHIC: Issa Bacsa at a Glance

Resume should be comprehensive at the same time creative. At this age of modern technology, everyone has to come up with something to sell himself to a client or an employer. But not all companies prefer the creative resume, they still prefer that you submit the good old typewritten resume on a clean white paper. Read more about INFOGRAPHIC: Issa Bacsa at a Glance[…]

“Caduceus” the novel became “Sa Likod ng Puting Uniporme” the screenplay

From Caduceus to Silver Linings Playbook

When I was a kid, I dreamed that I would become a doctor someday — wearing a white uniform, a nameplate with a Caduceus insignia, and a stethoscope hanging on my shoulder. But something changed that, and shifted my attention to creative writing. Yes, I was bitten by the writing bug on my graduation year. Read more about From Caduceus to Silver Linings Playbook[…]

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Can You Find Fitness For Golf in A Capsule?

I already had a hearty breakfast — two slices of whole wheat bread, ham and egg, a fruit in season, and a glass of fruit juice. Then I took a capsule of multivitamins, herbal capsule for blood cleansing, and another for my source of calcium and magnesium. So I already took three capsules. I still Read more about Can You Find Fitness For Golf in A Capsule?[…]

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The Beginner’s Run

I admit, I’m envious of those friends who run and join fun runs and marathons. I listen to their stories of running 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers or half-marathons. Deep inside, I wish I could do that, too, despite my age. Although I’m used to long-distance walking, I haven’t tried doing the distance with running. READ MORE

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