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Debunking Remote Work Myths & Misconceptions (Plus its Pros & Cons)

After almost 7 years, I left the BPO industry in 2012 to try my luck in remote work. Working from home at that time was starting to gain ground. Who wouldn’t love to work from home? With the kind of traffic in Metro Manila, the long commute under the tropical weather is already a challenge. Read more about Debunking Remote Work Myths & Misconceptions (Plus its Pros & Cons)[…]

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An Invitation to Collaborate

At this point, I would like to invite everyone to collaborate with me. As the website’s name implies, this is a crime fiction laboratory. Let’s experiment on the stories that I’m writing. This is open to not only to all readers, writers, and crime fiction fans alike but also to graphic artists as they are also Read more about An Invitation to Collaborate[…]

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