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Sue Grafton

After its release in August 2017, Sue Grafton’s Y is for Yesterday topped the best-seller list and received favorable reviews. Crime fiction fans worldwide are happy that the famous alphabet series will soon come to an end with Z is for Zero.

However, Sue Grafton did not live to write the last installment of the series. She died of cancer on 28 December 2017. She was 77.

Grafton started the series with A is for Alibi in 1982 and followed by the award-winning novels B is for Burglar and C is for Corpse. Her original plan was to finish the series by 2015 but it turned out ending two years late.

She created the character of Kinsey Millhone, a female private detective, divorced, and no children. Kinsey lives in Santa Teresa, California, a fictional version of Santa Barbara. The setting was the 80’s up to the early 90’s and Grafton decided to keep it that way, without the technologies that came during the late 90’s.

A daughter of a crime fiction novelist, Sue learned writing from her father and eventually earned a degree in English Literature in the University of Louisville. She became a successful screen playwright before she started writing the alphabet series. Because of her experience in the showbiz industry, she decided to turn down all offers for film and TV rights. And now that she has died, having a ghostwriter to write Z is for Zero is not even an option.

So for crime fiction lovers out there, if you haven’t collected all her books, do collect them now.

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