Snoopy Tennis

Nintendo Game & Watch Snoopy Tennis

Let’s get nostalgic here, people. My first retrogame to review is my first video game console: Nintendo Game & Watch Snoopy Tennis.

The first time I saw the Game & Watch was during the early ’80s when I was in Grade 6. But it was when I was in first year high school (equivalent to Grade 7 today) that I got my own Nintendo Game & Watch Snoopy Tennis as a birthday gift from an aunt. It was newly-released then.

The Unit

Snoopy Tennis belonged to the Wide Screen series and I found the lavender unit so cool. I guess it was the first time Nintendo released a unit of a different color much different from the usual maroon or dark blue units.

It has three buttons, one on the left and two on the right. There are 3 buttons on the upper right: Game A, Game B, and Time. Beside these three buttons are two small depressions which you need to push with a pointed object like a pen. One is for you to set the alarm and the other is the reset button.

It operates on two pieces of LR4x or SR4x button cell batteries. These are small batteries that we usually use for calculators, watches, penlights, and laser pointers.

Game & Watch reset screen imageUpon turning the unit on, the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen will show you all the images. This is when you set the time and/or the alarm clock. Once done, the unit becomes a basic watch and you may start playing.

The Game

The player control Snoopy throughout this game. The object is for Snoopy to hit all the balls coming from Charlie Brown and Lucy and trying not to miss. Use the two right buttons to move Snoopy up and down while you use the left button to hit the ball. You have 3 lives until the game is over.

The player scores 2 points for every hit of a ball coming from Charlie. However, Lucy randomly appears and hits back a ball which will return faster than Charlie’s. Every hit of a ball coming from Lucy scores 3 points. So this game is just a matter of right timing.

Game A and Game B are almost the same except that Game B is faster.

For every miss, a bottle will crash and Snoopy will sleep on top of his dog house. Charlie Brown will show at the center and shrugs, letting loose of his own tennis racket.

The player gets a bonus when he or she reaches 200, 500, and 750 points. All misses will be removed. If no misses have been committed, all successful hits of ball coming from Charlie and Lucy will become 5 and 6 points respectively and the score keeps on blinking. But this only happens for 60 seconds.

Once the player reaches 999 the score reverts back to 0 but the game continues.

Woodstock sitting on the nest would only appear if the alarm is set and it will move back and forth during the alarm.

However, there is no pause when playing this game. So if ever you get interrupted, the game continues and you keep on missing until game is over.

Final Thoughts

This game just brings nostalgia to me. I’ve seen how video games evolved through the years and this is my first exposure to video games. Yes, I admit, I played the Game & Watch first before playing the famous arcade game PacMan. I enjoyed this game during its heyday.

But I’m going to rate this game as 3 out of 5 stars because as I’ve said earlier, this game is just a matter of right timing. Thus, as the time goes on, it becomes predictable and boring. And it doesn’t allow the player to pause which I need every now and then.

Author: Issa Bacsa

A first-hand experience type of copywriter who writes her own experiences and reviews for clients in the consumer-based industries. Also an author and screenplay writer. Proud to be a Filipina.