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Silent Night

SILENT NIGHT by Mary Higgins Clark (1995)

Again, this is one of those books that I have bought years ago and had collected dust on my bookshelf. As I’ve resolved to read more books this year, especially those that were untouched ever since I’ve bought them, I’m starting 2015 with a short Christmas novel.

It took me only one seating to read this story about a family who went to New York because the father, Tom Dorman, was diagnosed with leukemia and confined in the hospital on Christmas Eve. To while away time and to distract their thoughts for a moment, Catherine Dorman and her sons went to Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas tree and other attractions in the city.

While they were engaged watching, listening, and singing with a violinist playing on the street, Catherine didn’t notice that her wallet fell on the ground after giving her sons a dollar each to hand the violinist.

Her son, Michael, went to the violinist to give his dollar. However, Brian, the younger son, saw the wallet fell. When he was about to pick it up, he saw a woman picked it up first and immediately left.

Remembering that the wallet has the St. Christopher medal that saved his grandfather’s life during the war, Brian believed that it would also save his father’s life. So he decided to follow the woman and his adventure began.

The story happened only in twenty four hours and it contained interesting characters: Catherine, a loving wife and mother of two, who wouldn’t believe on the St. Christopher medal, yet strong enough to handle tough situations for her family’s sake and Cully, the woman who picked up the wallet, who was on probation and feared that she would lose her daughter again if she committed another crime now that her convicted brother escaped prison.

As a mother, I could relate to these women. They have their own beliefs and convictions, and more love to give. A touching story that could put tears in your eyes.

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