Shimmer Lake (2017)

Shimmer Lake

I found this film among the crime movies on Netflix. It is something recent and I haven’t heard of it. I suppose Shimmer Lake┬áis an indie film written and directed by Oren Uziel.

The story is a bank robbery gone wrong told backwards, one day at a time. So the narrative started on a Friday, and it referred that the bank robbery happened on a Tuesday.

We follow the local sheriff, Zeke Sikes, as he tries to unlock the mystery and arrest the bank robbers. Since the location is a small town where everyone knows everyone, it should be easy to name the suspects.

There’s Ed, an ex-con who once blew up an illegal drug lab killing his son.

There’s Andy, Zeke’s brother, an insurance salesman.

There’s Chris, a dimwit accomplice.

The three of them planned the heist in the presence of Ed’s wife, Stephanie.

Things get sticky when two federal agents come in. The money is insured by the federal government that’s why. But Zeke insists of his control on everything which the feds agreed to.

But why tell the story in reverse?

I guess, if it was told in chronological order, it would have been ordinary. The reverse storytelling was played out well. The characterization was fleshed out from each actor and gave us a hint of their motive. Just keep in mind that the event you’re watching happened the day before.

All in all, the film gave us an unexpected twist at the end. Bravo!

Author: Issa Bacsa

A first-hand experience type of copywriter who writes her own experiences and reviews for clients in the consumer-based industries. Also an author and screenplay writer. Proud to be a Filipina.