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Locally Blended Juice Drink

Author’s note: This article originally appeared on Pink Pocket Review.

Calamansi (Citrus microcarpa) is available all-year round locally in the Philippines. Others call it calamondin. It is a citrus fruit that combines the features of lime and lemon, fruits that are rarely found in the country. Thus, calamansi is the best alternative to lime and lemon in cooking.

But for a drink, there are times that the price of calamansi goes up. So it’s not every day that I can have fresh calamansi juice for breakfast or snack.

The Product

Luckily, I discovered Locally Blended Juice Drink, a juice NutriAsia claims is made from homegrown fruits. It comes in different flavors and packed in an eco-friendly recyclable can or bottle.

One of its variant is called “Calamansi’z The Day” to name the flavor. If you’re going to read the other variants’ names, you’ll chuckle on how NutriAsia’s team creatively played their words.

One can is 240 ml which is a little less than a glass. For me, one glass is 250 ml. It is recommended to serve it well-chilled and shake before drinking which I religiously did.

The taste is a right blend of calamansi juice — not too sweet, not too sour, just the exact amount of zest. Even the aroma of the calamansi is light and fruity as it is light yellow.

The nutritional value at the back says it contains 100 calories (from its sugar). It has 84% of the recommended energy and nutrient intake (RENI) of Vitamin C and 8% of iron.

At Php 30.00 per can, it can be a good alternative to softdrinks. But as an alternative for a freshly-squeezed juice, I think that Php 30.00 may be expensive. Usually, we can get a pack of calamansi for Php 10.00 during its low-price season.

On the can it claims that the calamansi came from the provinces of Isabela, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, and Tarlac. What made me chuckle was the two disclaimers.


One reads, “We use natural fruits, so taste may vary time to time.” So I guess I just got lucky to find a good blend.

Another disclaimer states, “Some settling may occur due to natural fruit juice.” As I’ve said earlier, I shook the can before drinking and I didn’t notice any pulp or any settling at the bottom.

Since the product is from NutriAsia, it is available nationwide at all leading supermarkets. I bought mine at the nearest 7-Eleven store so the price may be lower in other areas.

My Thoughts

Overall, I like the product and I rate it 4 out of 5 stars just because of the price. I might try the other flavors like guyabano and pomelo, too.

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