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After getting sick and confined in a clinic, I got the chance to rest and binge-watch last weekend. Although this TV series was released early 2017, it was only last October that I took time to watch its full first season.

After many decades of Archie comics (including the cartoons), it was refreshing to see a new take on the characters. However, if you’re a fan of Archie comics, cartoons, and all of its spin-offs, you may (or may not) like Riverdale. Don’t expect too much as they did some creative liberties to change many things to come up with a TV series.

Warning to those who haven’t seen this: spoiler alerts ahead!

  • First, Riverdale has become a place of dark secrets. Gone are the campy feel and humor we used to see on the comics and cartoons. The story starts with the murder of Jason Blossom and almost everyone in Riverdale became suspects.
  • Second, Miss Grundy is no longer the old English teacher but a young music teacher and cougar. It shocked me to see Archie having an affair with Miss Grundy at first.
  • Third, Veronica Lodge is a Latina and we saw more of her mother Hermione rather than her father Hiram. Mother and daughter came from New York to start a new life in Riverdale town after Hiram was arrested for embezzlement.
  • Fourth, Jughead is the narrator and he’s a writer and not seen munching on too much food at Pop’s.
  • Basically, it’s a teen TV series with a murder that get you hooked for a season. Jughead becomes the central character because he’s the narrator. It mentioned that Archie and Jughead used to be close but had a falling-out and the details were not explained fully. Unless you’ll take the event when Fred Andrews fired Jughead’s father, FP, as the main reason, that could be too shallow.
  • The love triangle between Archie, Betty, and Veronica may be there but only for purposes of sexual tension as each of them have relationships of their own. Reggie was put on the side. Moose and Dilton were just on short roles.
  • Also, you’ll notice that the actors aren’t teenagers. All of them are in their early to late 20’s acting five to ten years younger. Yeah, their looks may pass for teenagers, but the story is too mature for teens ages 16 to 18.
  • The creators tried their best to pull out the campy comics and cartoon characters from its 1942 beginnings and transform them to social media crazy 2017. Therefore, you may notice some old archetypes dealing with parental control, drive-in movies, incest, May-December affair, slut shaming on social media, and murder mystery all at the same time.
  • And if the first season dealt with who killed Jason, the second season (which will come this October) will ask the question, “Who shot Fred?” Oh, no! Another spoiler alert!
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