Ordeal By Innocence

Ordeal By Innocence book cover

Ordeal By Innocence book coverOrdeal By Innocence, (1958) by Agatha Christie

I think I mentioned before that Ordeal By Innocence, the 1958 novel of my idol, Agatha Christie, is the first book I’ve read among Christie’s long list of novels. I was on my sixth grade when I got hold of a copy of it. 32 years after, I had the chance to have an e-book version and read it again on my cellphone.

Hey, the one you sent to prison was innocent!

Arthur Calgary just returned from an expedition and upon learning of Jacko Argyle’s death in prison, decided to go the Argyle’s to proclaim Jacko’s innocence. However, his announcement was met differently.

First, the death of Rachel Argyle two years prior would be talked about again leaving everyone asking “then, who did it?”

Who’s suspecting who?

Second, everyone in the Argyle household feels agitated. Each suspects someone and along the way, a few relationships shake up.

Leo Argyle, Rachel’s widower, is about to marry his secretary, Gwenda Vaughan. But because of what happened, they decided to postpone the announcement of their engagement. Also, both could have suspected each other.

Hester, one of the adoptive children, is also to be engaged to Dr. Donald Craig. But Don thought Hester might have known something about the murder. This puts Hester into doubting about Don’s love for her.

Phillip Durrant, Mary’s invalid husband, wants to stay longer at Sunny Point to ask around about what happened that night, much to Mary’s insistence to go back home.

I started it, I’ll finish it.

Third, since he started it all, Calgary decided to find out the truth. He didn’t expect the Argyles’ reaction to his announcement of Jacko’s innocence to be that way. Therefore he had to set things straight.

The title itself is proper. All the innocents had to suffer an ordeal during those trying times. Again, this is the first Christie novel I’ve read and I was amazed on how she revealed the murderer at the end. Since then I became a Christie fan.

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