Mystery Instant Library Collection

Number One Fan in Free-eBooks' Instant Library

I’m pleased to announce that my novel, Number One Fan, is included in’s Instant Library.

Number One Fan

This novel was published 4 years ago, had 2,957 downloads, and with 4.8 stars rating from readers. It was included in’s USB e-Go Library three years ago.

For those who haven’t read my novel, click this Number One Fan link so I could send you your free copy.

Instant Library

During the recent Black Friday sale, launched  a collection of their Top 100 e-books in each five genres including mystery.

Readers can pick their favorite collection of romance, mystery, horror, sci-fi, and classics. Aside from ebooks, book lovers can also have the Top 50 children’s audiobooks, and Top 50 classic audiobooks collections.

All devices are supported because you can also choose from different formats: PDF, Kindle, ePub, etc.

Read, rest, and relax. Avail of the Mystery Instant Library now.

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