Life Is a Game of Chess

screenshot of my checkmate win on Chess Titan
checkmate on Chess Titans
I won by checkmate over my computer on Chess Titans

I don’t know why my husband failed to install Chess Titans on my laptop. But recently, I found ChessMaster ROM online and added it in my game emulator.

A few years back, I played Chess Titans alone on my PC and won by checkmate against the computer. I played the game to see if my brain cells were still in shape after dealing with a 50,175 word manuscript. So I put my pen down and played a game. I also plan to use the concept of chess in my novel’s sequel.

People say that life is a game. I remember the book entitled, “If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules” by Cherie Carter-Scott. It outlines the ten rules for being human which were worth remembering. However, other people, I included, commonly compare life to a game of chess.

Chess is a game, an art, and a science all in one.

Its essence is a game, its form is an art, and its execution is a science. Come to think of it, life, as in chess, could be black or white. Seldom do we entertain things bordering the gray areas. And if ever we do, we admit to ourselves that these are gray areas humans fear to tread most of the time.

Life, as in chess, is played square and fair.

We control the pieces with our moves. We have to think before we make a move. Either we force moves or take chances. Chess has rules. We make mistakes and sacrifices. These mistakes become lessons at the end. And no one ever wins a game by resigning. We either end the game with a checkmate, stalemate, or a draw.

Therefore, by playing chess we learn three things:

  1.  foresight,
  2.  circumspection, and
  3.  caution.

So we sit still and think. Observe the things around us. Contemplate on the next step. We should not be discouraged by the present bad appearance in the state of our affairs. Walter Tevis once said “When in doubt… play chess!” Go ahead, do so. It’s better than flipping a coin.


Author: Issa Bacsa

A first-hand experience type of copywriter who writes her own experiences and reviews for clients in the consumer-based industries. Also an author and screenplay writer. Proud to be a Filipina.

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