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Be Inspired. Brew Plots. Fix It Later.

You might have noticed some changes on my website — from the big title section down to the footer. I Be inspired. Brew plots. Fix it later.knew and I felt the need for change. Everything in me is a work in progress. You might think I’m fickle minded because I keep on changing. I used to be a perfectionist and every time I commit a mistake I try to rectify it, the sooner the better.

The Old

I’ve been on this site for more than a year and promoting it was limited only to my 5 social media accounts. It’s only until now that I’ve decided to do some promotional activities.

I’m shy. That’s the problem. I have to be sure that I can do it before plunging myself into it. When I wrote my first English e-book years ago, I don’t have an editor and a literary agent. I just went on to publish it online for free in the hope that the free exposure would bring in some results. Yes, it did bring a few results — more than 2,000 downloads, a few followers on social media, a translation deal that didn’t push through because I don’t have a dollar account, etc. So I went on publishing free e-books until now.

The New

But with a few months away for my domain and web hosting service to expire, I need to monetize this website or at least raise more funds to afford another two years for the said services, plus purchase a new laptop to replace what I’m using, etc. That’s the reason why I created a page on Patreon which I heard from someone I subscribed to on YouTube.

Also, it gave me the chance to reflect on what went wrong and what opportunities I’ve missed. I realized that I need to do some email marketing myself. I created a MailChimp account and exploring the ins and outs of it. Somehow, it inspired me to do better and to explore.
Now, I have new ideas that I would like to bring forth.

Be inspired. Brew plots. Fix it later.

That’s the new tagline for this website. I believe I can still encourage others to write, even though my genre of choice is crime fiction. I still think of new plots for new novels and write it down no matter what. And I’ll fix it later once I’m done. I think it may also apply to some of you. That’s also the reason why I called my website Crime Fiction Lab 1B. It sounds like a subject or course, but it can also mean a room where we can all stay and discuss crime fiction.

Let me know your feedback by commenting below. For more updates, subscribe to our newsletter. I’m trying my best to come up with one weekly.

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