If You Only Knew


Huan and Rosanna are high school sweethearts that went separate ways only to meet again thirty years after in court — he as the prosecutor, she as the defendant.

#1 – Present Day: Huan          #2 – Present Day: Natalie

#3 – Present Day: Rosanna          #4 – Present Day: Huan

Don’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ll be judging!

Join the book cover design contest. Who knows? Your artwork may grace the cover of this upcoming e-book.


  • Read the blurb and the four (4) sample chapters above.
  • Create an e-book design based from your own interpretation of the story and theme.
  • Any person age 18 and above may join.
  • Any person whether a student, a fan fiction artist, or hobbyist, or a professional graphic designer may join.
  • All artworks should be original. Any adaptation or derivation of an existing artwork is not acceptable
  • All artistic media are welcome. Manual art design (illustration or painting) or digital illustration including image manipulation (as long as the image/s used are royalty-free), are accepted.
  • Artwork must display the following elements of the e-book:
    • Title:       If You Only Knew
    • Author:  Issa Bacsa
    • Colors:    (major) red, black, white, (minor) gray, pink
    • Size:        it should fit in a 6″ x 9″ book cover
  • Save the artwork in both .jpg and .png
  • Up to two (2) artworks per person may be accepted
  • All entries will be displayed on this website.
  • All entries will be judged by yours truly, Issa Bacsa
  • The winner will receive a small amount of cash via PayPal (I’ll still have to decide how much will it be) and will be the official e-book cover of this project. The artist will be mentioned on the book, on this website, and on any occasion where I’ll mention this e-book.
  • Deadline for submission will be announced later.
  • The announcement of winner will be on the date of publication here on this website.
  • Attach the entries via email to: info@issabacsa.com or to creativemixedmediafreelancing@gmail.com. Along with your submission, kindly provide the following information:
    • Full name:
    • Email address:
    • Location: (city, municipality, province, state, country)
    • Materials used:
    • Brief description about the artwork:
    • Brief bio or description of the artist:
    • Message to Issa Bacsa, if any