If You Only Knew – Excerpt



“My job is done, Chief. Better look for another lawyer. The Secretary might have someone in mind. Besides, Atty. Fortuna had an associate lawyer, Atty. Natalie Noguerra. She might be better than me to represent the prosecution.”

He turned away from the Chief and looked outside their office window. Red lights coming from the vehicles lighted up the highway that early Friday dusk. Traffic started to build up, he observed. It would be nice to have a bottle of cold beer before going home.

“Secretary De Leon doesn’t think she will win the case for the Department of Justice. You know that the Secretary is also a politician. With the national elections coming, the ruling party would rather put their bet on you rather on an ambitious lawyer like her,” the general said. “Besides, with the rumors about Natalie mushrooming at every corner, no one, not even the Secretary of Justice, would like to be associated with her right now.”

Politics! Was this trial all about politics? Huan grinned as he shook his head at the thought of it.

“The Secretary of Justice, with the concurrence of the Secretary of Interior, has already approved and signed your appointment this afternoon,” the Chief said as he pulled out a paper from his disorganized pile of files. “Here, read this memo.”

Huan turned around and took the paper from the General. It was a memorandum signed the by the two department secretaries about Huan’s appointment replacing Atty. Renato Fortuna in this particular case. Huan read it, shook his head, and returned the memo to the Chief.

“I don’t think I could handle this case,” Huan said. “Besides, I’m working more of an investigator in this division rather than a criminal prosecutor.”

“Huan, you’re the next person who knows this case from top to bottom, inside and out,” said Gen. Robles. “We can no longer postpone the arraignment. The public clamor just won’t stop. This case must go on as scheduled. I know you could win this case for us. I know you could nail Rosanna Marquez-Sy on the cross, the same way we rounded up Fonsy’s men in that buy-bust operation years ago.”

THAT was the problem. SHE was Rosanna Marquez. But how could I tell THAT to my chief and to everyone the whole truth?



This is a work of fiction. Characters, places, and events are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, and business establishments is coincidental.

If You Only Knew

Copyright 2016 by Marissa U. Bacsa

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All rights reserved. Reproduction, translation, or distribution of this novel in any printed or electronic form without permission is illegal. Please do not take part or encourage piracy of copyrighted materials violating the author’s rights. This novel is for your personal enjoyment only. If you want a copy, ask me. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

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