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Should you be interested in my qualifications, hire me through this form. Who knows? I may be the write right person for your project.

Use the form below to provide details about your project. Kindly include the following:

  • Nature and scope of the project
  • Required format (article, blog, e-book, script, etc.)
  • Word or page count
  • Deadline
  • Your budget
  • Other information or specific instructions you would like to add

The information you provide will be my basis for my Statement of Work (SOW) which I will send you as soon as possible.


As I’ve mentioned in another page, the old school in me prefers email as my main communication tool. That’s the reason why I disabled comments on all posts. Kindly use the form below if you have any comment, suggestion, or question for me. I’d appreciate any feedback. I respond to emails within 24 hours.

However, since this page and form are open to the public, I may receive spam or unsolicited emails. I don’t generally respond to them unless unsolicited emails come from reputable and verified addresses.


By sending an email, you are agreeing to provide your name and email address which will be stored and be used to contact you via email and newsletters unless you specify that you don’t want to. Refer to my Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages for more details.

My full contact and social media information are found on the sidebar.