Food? Travel? Why Not Both?

food & travelWho doesn’t love food?

Who doesn’t want to travel around the world?

I admit, I’m a covert foodie.

Born under the sign of Aries and in the Year of the Rooster, I’m molded in earth but forged with fire.

But my rising sun is in Scorpio. That’s the reason why I’m also happiest near the sea. I enjoy the sound and feel of the waves.

No wonder, I’m fascinated with both food and travel.



I love to eat, but I don’t drink.

I concoct tales but not cocktails.

I love to cook… IF I have the time.

I love food trips despite I’m in a family of picky eaters.

As always, I’m changing.

If you’ve noticed, my blog categories have changed. I included new categories like this one.

There will always be a first time. For a fiction writer like me, writing a food blog may be off-track in here. Let’s say this is just my way of diverting my attention or stepping aside from writing about heinous crimes and legal battles.

I dream of having my cafe or sandwich bar. In fact, I already have some concepts for my planned cafe.

I’m not afraid to play with fire (in the kitchen, that is). I want to have my own teppanyaki grill and deep fryer in the kitchen.

While I’m stuck in brewing a plot twist, why not brew coffee? Why not handle a knife and slice meat instead of letting my villain use it on his next victim?

I will call my food venture Full Filling. It could mean two things: fulfilling as in the dream and full filling as in the sandwich or pie.


And I also dream of traveling the Philippines — most of its provinces and tourist destinations (not necessarily all of its 7, 100+ islands).

In fact, my husband and I would love to retire traveling together, from Abra in the north (or letter A) to Zamboanga in the south (or letter Z). I already listed the provinces alphabetically and hopefully we will start earlier than we expected.


In this blog category, I’ll be featuring travel destinations, cuisines, food & restaurant reviews, and a few recipes.

I long for food trips and would be trying new recipes which I call food experiments. My husband would hate me for it but I really love experimenting with food. Probably writing a couple of them will re-ignite my passion for food and travel.

So let me test the waters of another sea of possibilities. What do you think?

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