Bookshelf | Diary of a Serial Killer by B. Cameron Lee

Book cover of Diary of a Serial Killer by B. Cameron Lee

A few years ago, gave me an opportunity to become one of their VIP members. This gave me the chance to download up to 15 e-books as compared to the usual 1-5 e-books per month.

As I was searching for e-books to download, I found the title, “Diary of a Serial Killer” interesting. I’m love crime fiction. At that time, I found the e-book had 243 likes versus 29 dislikes. So I downloaded it out of curiosity.

Wow! I was hooked.

The story is about Reece, a mailman who writes as his form of therapy from self-mutilation. After writing nine books, (actually, ten but his last girlfriend burned the manuscript), he still gets rejection slips from editors and publishers. Seeing that everyone tends to sensationalize things, and sensationalism translates to popularity and stardom, he comes up with a plan to write a first-person account of a serial killer by becoming a serial killer himself. In short, he kills in the name of research to come up with a “Diary of a Serial Killer.”

To me, it’s a nice concept. I mean, a serial killer has to be cunning, deliberate, and careful not to get caught. So how could a simple mailman do that? Yet, it got my attention and my interest to continue reading until the end.

I’m only ambivalent with the ending (sorry, no spoiler alert here). But hey, it has a part 2, “Diary of a Serial Killer 2 — Reece’s Revenge” and it’s not for free.

My rating: 4 stars – Deserves a spot in your bookshelf.