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Desperate Choices

Desperate Choices by Jeanette Cooper (2011).

It is a story of Rochelle Rathbone, the only daughter of a defense criminal lawyer, who falls in love with a drug lord. Her parents try to dissuade her from marrying Tobias Chandler, a drug lord who shuttles from Miami to Colombia and vice-versa. Rochelle ignores her parents’ warnings and stands firm to marry Tobias. One day, her parents die of a vehicular accident and no one knows who killed them as the truck driver and the truck’s plate number could not be traced.

Eventually, Rochelle marries Tobias and life became hell for her as he made her a prisoner of their married life. After five years of suffering, Rochelle plans an escape but there are only two possibilities — either she or Tobias will die.

A suspense-filled e-book with a touch of romance, an easy read, too. My rating: 5 out of 5 stars – worth a place in my bookshelf.

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