Crime Fiction Writing

writing by E.L. Doctorow

Welcome to Crime Fiction Lab 1B!

I’m pleased to present to you an outline of creative writing lessons and activities that are found here in this website. I’ve narrowed it down to crime fiction and will try my best to stay focused on this genre. Feel free to browse and if you’re interested to a particular topic below, just click on the link. It will lead you to a particular blog I’ve written. If you don’t see a link, it means I haven’t written it down yet, but I’ll write it soon. From time to time, I’ll be updating this list to reflect a more comprehensive online writing lessons. I’ll try my best to keep the lessons interactive and please feel free to ask questions or comment.


  1. What is Writing?
  2. Why Do We Write?
  3. What is Fiction?
  4. Different Forms of Fiction
  5. Different Genres
    1. The Difference between thrillers, crime fiction, and mystery


  1. Pre-Writing
    1. Idea
    2. Research
      1. First-hand information
      2. Second-hand informatin
  2. Writing
    1. Outline
    2. Index card method
    3. Writing the story scene by scene
    4. Writing the story backwards
  3. Revision
  4. Editing
    1. Spelling
    2. Grammar
    3. Punctuation marks
  5. Publishing
    1. Manuscript formats
    2. Self-publishing
    3. Traditional publishing


  1. Character
    1. The person in a work of fiction
    2. The characteristics of a person
    3. Ways to create/develop characters
  2. Point of View
  3. Setting
  4. Conflict
  5. Plot
    1. 8 Basic Stories
  6. Theme


  1. Show vs. Tell
  2. Narration
    1. Multiple characters, multiple stories
    2. Flashbacks and flash forwards
    3. Shapes of Fiction
  3. Dialogue
  4. Plot Twists


  1.  Bad reviews
  2.  Pen names
  3.  Writing as a job
  4.  Freelance writing
  5.  Writer platform
    1. WordPress


  1. Life stories
    1. How I started
    2. The day I decided
    3. Getting to know one’s self first
  2. Moving thoughts
    1. Life as compared to chess