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Creative Mixed Media

Welcome to my freelance writing business. There are businesses and individuals who are in need of writers like me. I’m inviting you to the opportunity collaborate with me. Let’s go and do some projects together.

Truth. Kindness. Simplicity.

 These are the three values that describes me as a person, as a writer, as a brand, and as a business.

How Creative Mixed Media Came To Be

In September 2001, three of my friends and I decided to put up a media production house. We entered into a partnership and registered it at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) as Creative Mix Media Productions. After a few projects, we parted ways and I continued doing freelance writing since then. And since I was the one who came up with the name, I carried it along and changed it to Creative Mixed Media Freelancing in June 2012.

Isang Manunulat (One Writer)

There are many freelance writers out there, but there can be only one right writer for your project. I could be THAT one writer (“isang manunulat“, in Filipino). Also, Isang can also be my nickname. And Isang Manunulat can also be my nom de plume.

My Quality Assurance

I will treat YOUR writing project as MY own. I will not stop writing until you get satisfied. My educational background, my work experiences, and my love of writing have given me the advantage to write diverse topics in different formats. I am a writer. I am an artist. I always treat a project like a work of art. Doing good is my religion, thus helping people has become my second skin. I am willing to go an extra mile for my clients, because doing so is one of the keys to success.


Estimates on all writing projects are customized for each client. A writing project could be quoted based on the nature and scope of the project, the actual budget, and the time required for me to finish it. If you are in need of a writer, check out what I could write for you, or request for a FREE quotation.

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