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An Invitation to Collaborate

At this point, I would like to invite everyone to collaborate with me. As the website’s name implies, this is a crime fiction laboratory. Let’s experiment on the stories that I’m writing. This is open to not only to all readers, writers, and crime fiction fans alike but also to graphic artists as they are also Read more about An Invitation to Collaborate[…]

an old Cain as imagined by Issa Bacsa

The Mark of Cain – Introduction

I should have died in that rubble, but no. My house that was made of stone crumbled and fell on me. At the age of 730, I should have been dead like the ancestors before me. But here I am, lying on a hospital bed, assuming another identity in a place I’m not even sure of. Read more about The Mark of Cain – Introduction[…]

If You Only Knew – Present Day: Natalie

“WHY DOES HE HAVE TO SOUND SO SARCASTIC?” Natalie asked herself. He took everything from me! Natalie kept running this thought in her mind every time he looked at Huan. Huan, the usurper! You don’t deserve this media attention. But then again, she thought it could also be a blessing in disguise. The fact that she remained Read more about If You Only Knew – Present Day: Natalie[…]

If You Only Knew – Present Day: Huan

IT WAS A MONDAY AFTERNOON, around past one. The high noon heavy traffic had subsided along Marcelo Avenue. It is the main highway named after the capital city of La Isla Colonia, a tropical island in the Pacific region. An imperial metallic blue BMW 7 sedan drove fast towards the Metropolitan Court. It seems hurrying Read more about If You Only Knew – Present Day: Huan[…]

If You Only Knew – Excerpt

EXCERPT “My job is done, Chief. Better look for another lawyer. The Secretary might have someone in mind. Besides, Atty. Fortuna had an associate lawyer, Atty. Natalie Noguerra. She might be better than me to represent the prosecution.” He turned away from the Chief and looked outside their office window. Red lights coming from the Read more about If You Only Knew – Excerpt[…]

All I Remember

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION IN PROGRESS.   I remembered holding a glass. I felt I had drunk its content because I felt my thirst was quenched. I remembered being refreshed after drinking something so cool. I couldn’t remember what I drank, though. Was it water? Was it wine? I looked around and Read more about All I Remember[…]

Cover of Number One Fan by Issa Bacsa

Deleted Prologue

While writing my novel Number One Fan during NaNoWriMo last November 2012, I wrote a prologue to start my story. I thought it would be a good idea to explain a certain backstory of the main character at that time. There are some novels that used this technique and it worked for them in the Read more about Deleted Prologue[…]

a pile of things to be thrown out

Why I Keep On Throwing Out Stuffs

Lester, a scavenger boy who frequents our house, came to pick up trash and pieces of junk. I was cleaning the bathroom when I heard my husband talk to him. So I went out and instructed Volts to get rid of the two sacks full of old plastic containers, bottles, and other stuff worth getting Read more about Why I Keep On Throwing Out Stuffs[…]

Quote from Wayne Dyer

The Choices We Make

We make decisions every single day and some of them might have been influenced by parents, relatives, peers, traditions, culture, or religion. It may have come to the point that every decision you made were questioned, putting you on the defensive side, trying to justify your choice. However, we as individuals have decisions which are Read more about The Choices We Make[…]

book Cover of The First Trilogy by Issa Bacsa

The First Trilogy (in Original Filipino Text)

Looking back from where I started, I couldn’t help but smile. It brought back memories and at the same time it showed me a pattern — either a pattern of growth or a pattern of style. This year, I decided to release in e-book format my first trilogy which I wrote 13 years ago. Publishing an Read more about The First Trilogy (in Original Filipino Text)[…]

Book cover of Reader's Digest Condensed Books Volume 3, 1987

When Fate Moved Its Fingers

Thirteen years ago, 20 October… I still remember the scenario: I was living in a boarding house in San Andres, Manila. I was reading The Choice by Henry Denker from this Reader’s Digest Condensed Books collection. That time, I was crying for two reasons: (1) the story I was reading was full of drama — Read more about When Fate Moved Its Fingers[…]

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