If You Only Knew – Present Day: Huan

“YOU SHOULDN’T BE HERE,” Huan heard a familiar booming voice behind him. He turned around and saw General Quitano standing behind him, smiling. “I’m sorry, Chief, got used to it,” Huan said. He approached the General and shook his hand. “It had become so automatic that I would go back here after work. But when Read more about If You Only Knew – Present Day: Huan[…]

If You Only Knew – Present Day: Rosanna

THE DOORS WERE OPENED FOR THEM, especially for her. She loved this kind of attention. After all, she was not Rosanna Marquez-Sy for nothing. Cameras flashed again and again. She smiled at the photographers for their job well done. She was on the papers again for the bad reason but confident that her lawyer will Read more about If You Only Knew – Present Day: Rosanna[…]

coffee and pencil

An Invitation to Collaborate

At this point, I would like to invite everyone to collaborate with me. As the website’s name implies, this is a crime fiction laboratory. Let’s experiment on the stories that I’m writing. This is open to not only to all readers, writers, and crime fiction fans alike but also to graphic artists as they are also Read more about An Invitation to Collaborate[…]

If You Only Knew – Present Day: Natalie

“WHY DOES HE HAVE TO SOUND SO SARCASTIC?” Natalie asked herself. He took everything from me! Natalie kept running this thought in her mind every time he looked at Huan. Huan, the usurper! You don’t deserve this media attention. But then again, she thought it could also be a blessing in disguise. The fact that she remained Read more about If You Only Knew – Present Day: Natalie[…]

If You Only Knew – Present Day: Huan

IT WAS A MONDAY AFTERNOON, around past one. The high noon heavy traffic had subsided along Marcelo Avenue. It is the main highway named after the capital city of La Isla Colonia, a tropical island in the Pacific region. An imperial metallic blue BMW 7 sedan drove fast towards the Metropolitan Court. It seems hurrying Read more about If You Only Knew – Present Day: Huan[…]

If You Only Knew – Excerpt

EXCERPT “My job is done, Chief. Better look for another lawyer. The Secretary might have someone in mind. Besides, Atty. Fortuna had an associate lawyer, Atty. Natalie Noguerra. She might be better than me to represent the prosecution.” He turned away from the Chief and looked outside their office window. Red lights coming from the Read more about If You Only Knew – Excerpt[…]

All I Remember

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION IN PROGRESS.   I remembered holding a glass. I felt I had drunk its content because I felt my thirst was quenched. I remembered being refreshed after drinking something so cool. I couldn’t remember what I drank, though. Was it water? Was it wine? I looked around and Read more about All I Remember[…]

Feel. Write. Repeat.

Imagine a friend has come to you for help. He/She dreams of becoming a writer but is burdened by fears. He/She worries he/she has no talent and has nothing to say. Perhaps he/she worries he/she’s taking precious time away from her family to pursue his/her selfish desire to write. For 15 minutes, write to that friend Read more about Feel. Write. Repeat.[…]

Thoughts On Mothers’ Day

By the time I finish this article, Mother’s Day has just started. Expect everybody greeting every mom a “Happy Mother’s Day!”. Thanks to those who greet me this day. However, for me, everyday is a Mother’s Day. And while I was thinking of what to write, I remembered the blog I wrote earlier this year. Come to think of Read more about Thoughts On Mothers’ Day[…]

Screenshot from the movie Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna (2015, Philippines) For many years now, I seldom go to the cinema to watch movies. I’m more of the loner who is contented in watching them on video at the comfort of my home. So most of the time, I haven’t watched the movie other have watched over the weekend. Although I’m late, Read more about Heneral Luna[…]

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