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I’m a Retrogaming Mom

I’m retrogaming. I admit, I’m from Generation X whose gaming life is what you would say old-school. I’ve seen games evolved from the small hand-held Nintendo Game & Watch to today’s PlayStation 4. So I’ve played a few games from and in between. Retrogaming or classic gaming is a term to describe playing old video Read more about I’m a Retrogaming Mom[…]

robot AI

Is High-Tech Getting Creepy?

 Talking to a computer was just a sci-fi concept fifty years ago and beyond. It was something we could only see in Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, or TV shows like Star Trek. Too futuristic; all in special visual and sound effects. That was the time when machines have been helping humans do Read more about Is High-Tech Getting Creepy?[…]

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Debunking Remote Work Myths & Misconceptions (Plus its Pros & Cons)

After almost 7 years, I left the BPO industry in 2012 to try my luck in remote work. Working from home at that time was starting to gain ground. Who wouldn’t love to work from home? With the kind of traffic in Metro Manila, the long commute under the tropical weather is already a challenge. Read more about Debunking Remote Work Myths & Misconceptions (Plus its Pros & Cons)[…]

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Facebook & Other Social Media: Our Lives So Far

Do you remember the cyber thriller film The Net starring Sandra Bullock? It is about a woman who spent hours on the Internet and woke up one day with her identity stolen. That film was shown back in 1995. It’s 2018 now and what have we done to protect ourselves? Recently, Christopher Wylie, a former Read more about Facebook & Other Social Media: Our Lives So Far[…]

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