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7 Eye Nutrients to a 20/20 Vision

Our eyes can tell us more about the world around us than any of the other sense organs. They’re like a camera, but far more complex and sensitive. And they are more than just our windows to the world. Our eyes also reveal our inner feelings and even our state of health. Unfortunately, many of Read more about 7 Eye Nutrients to a 20/20 Vision[…]

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Can You Find Fitness For Golf in A Capsule?

I already had a hearty breakfast — two slices of whole wheat bread, ham and egg, a fruit in season, and a glass of fruit juice. Then I took a capsule of multivitamins, herbal capsule for blood cleansing, and another for my source of calcium and magnesium. So I already took three capsules. I still Read more about Can You Find Fitness For Golf in A Capsule?[…]

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The Beginner’s Run

I admit, I’m envious of those friends who run and join fun runs and marathons. I listen to their stories of running 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers or half-marathons. Deep inside, I wish I could do that, too, despite my age. Although I’m used to long-distance walking, I haven’t tried doing the distance with running. READ MORE

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