Kare-kare is one of the dishes that defines Philippine cuisine

11 Traits That Make a Dish Truly Filipino

How will you define Philippine cuisine? When we say cuisine, it is the manner of food preparation, the dishes itself, and the eating customs of the Filipinos. But what makes it Filipino? In no particular order, here are eleven characteristics that make a dish truly Filipino: FUSION Due to its geography and its colonizers, Philippine Read more about 11 Traits That Make a Dish Truly Filipino[…]

Moncada's entry to Belenissimo sa Tarlac 2017

Christmas: A Season of Sharing

  Christmas may be the happiest time of the year for most of us. And even we don’t admit it to ourselves, it is also the most stressful. For one, the preparation that everyone has to deal with — food, parties, decors, gifts, etc. Plus the traffic. For another, there are some things that really come Read more about Christmas: A Season of Sharing[…]

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