Book cover of Doctored Evidence by Donna Leon

Doctored Evidence

DOCTORED EVIDENCE by Donna Leon (2004) I have bought this book years ago and it stayed on my bookshelf gathering dust. Since I resolved to read more frequently this year, I grabbed this book and read. It is about a murder of an old woman living alone in Venice. Her only son died five years ago and Read more about Doctored Evidence[…]

book cover of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE by Agatha Christie (1939) I’ve read this book for the second time for the simple reason that I wanted to revisit Agatha Christie‘s works lying on my dusty bookshelf. The story is about ten people of different professions and social status who received an unusual invitation from a certain millionaire named Read more about And Then There Were None[…]

book cover of I Trusted Him

Spreading the Word Against Violence

I TRUSTED HIM (THE TRUE STORY OF ANNA LYNN HURD) by Jennifer Smith and Cherry Tigris (2013, I Trusted Him (The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd) is a two-part e-book written by Anna’s mother, Jennifer Smith, and advocate Cherry Tigris. The first part tells about Anna’s story — a 16-year old girl living Read more about Spreading the Word Against Violence[…]

book cover of DMQZ by Quinn Fleming


DMQZ by Quinn Flemming (2013, Amazon Kindle) What would the world be like after a virus that originated from a dormouse spread and killed millions of people instantly and left some ‘resisters’ (those who were infected by the virus yet are still alive)? It divided New York into Safe Zone and the Quarantine Zone. The Read more about DMQZ[…]

Book cover of Arsene Lupin

Arsene Lupin

ARSENE LUPIN (by Maurice Leblanc, translated by Edgar Jepson, circa 1905 [?]) I downloaded this e-book many months ago and I just finished reading this French classic and a contemporary of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes last night. While putting on addresses on wedding invitations, Sonia Kritchnoff, her employer Germaine, daughter of millionaire M. Gournay-Martin, Read more about Arsene Lupin[…]

Book cover of The Heart of an Assassin by Tony Bertot

The Heart of an Assassin

The Heart of an Assassin by Tony Bertot (2009). I downloaded this e-book from after seeing the brief blurb and the 47 likes against 9 dislikes. I started reading it the weekend before and as usual, I kept on stopping because of other duties until I was able to finish reading last Friday night. Read more about The Heart of an Assassin[…]

Book cover of Through The Grinder by Cleo Coyle

Through the Grinder

Through the Grinder by Cleo Coyle (2004, Berkeley Publishing Group) Last weekend, author Cleo Coyle celebrated her birthday and to celebrate with her, I read again this book. This is my first ever Cleo Coyle novel but this is the author’s second book in her Coffeehouse Mystery series. It centers on Claire Cosi who manages Read more about Through the Grinder[…]

Book cover of Desperate Choices by Jeanette Cooper

Desperate Choices

Desperate Choices by Jeanette Cooper (2011). It is a story of Rochelle Rathbone, the only daughter of a defense criminal lawyer, who falls in love with a drug lord. Her parents try to dissuade her from marrying Tobias Chandler, a drug lord who shuttles from Miami to Colombia and vice-versa. Rochelle ignores her parents’ warnings Read more about Desperate Choices[…]

Book cover of Silent Night by Mary Higgins Clark

Silent Night

SILENT NIGHT by Mary Higgins Clark (1995) Again, this is one of those books that I have bought years ago and had collected dust on my bookshelf. As I’ve resolved to read more books this year, especially those that were untouched ever since I’ve bought them, I’m starting 2015 with a short Christmas novel. It took me only Read more about Silent Night[…]

Book cover of Diary of a Serial Killer by B. Cameron Lee

Diary of a Serial Killer

Just finished reading “DIARY OF A SERIAL KILLER“, a fiction I downloaded from, written by B. Cameron Lee. At that time, I received a VIP opportunity to download up to 15 e-books as compared to the usual 1 to 5 e-books a month. As I was searching for e-books, I found the title interesting Read more about Diary of a Serial Killer[…]