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Treat my blogs as a body of writing samples. Comments and opinion expressed on these blogs are mine alone and do not reflect the opinion of affiliates or anyone else.

You’ll notice that the categories are diverse. These represent the things I usually review or comment about. You might be interested to check the following category titles:

  • Bookshelf is a book review blog whether fiction or non-fiction. However, I don’t read fan fiction.
  • From Abra to Zamboanga is a travelogue that features the Philippines as I plan to travel the country from A to Z.
  • Full Filling is a food blog that features food that I’ve tasted, recipes I’ve tried, and many more.
  • Points on Views is about my reviews on movies, TV, and other videos. Most of the films are from my DVD collection and from Netflix and iFlix, two streaming media sites I’m subscribed with.
  • Sample, Sample is about my product reviews on anything that are not covered by the other categories.
  • Tech-Know is about my reviews on gadgets, apps, and games.

If you have any suggestions on what to review or comment on, let me know.