Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on farming

5 Reasons Why Small Farmers Can’t Implement Organic Farming Fully

My father is a retired agriculturist. He had served the Department of Agriculture for more than three decades if I’m not mistaken.  Even today in his 90’s, his passion for anything agriculture never ceases. He still reads and collects agriculture magazines, writes short articles about farming, and distributes them to his audience.  A few days Read more about 5 Reasons Why Small Farmers Can’t Implement Organic Farming Fully[…]

Kare-kare is one of the dishes that defines Philippine cuisine

11 Traits That Make a Dish Truly Filipino

How will you define Philippine cuisine? When we say cuisine, it is the manner of food preparation, the dishes itself, and the eating customs of the Filipinos. But what makes it Filipino? In no particular order, here are eleven characteristics that make a dish truly Filipino: FUSION Due to its geography and its colonizers, Philippine Read more about 11 Traits That Make a Dish Truly Filipino[…]

Bernard Malamud quote on writing

How to Turn Your Writing Into Cash

There you are, writing a poem in your notebook, posting a comment on social media, writing a fan fiction on some fan fic site… why not turn them into cash? Many of us love writing but can’t imagine turning this talent into a source of additional income, or worse, are afraid to try. Thanks to the Read more about How to Turn Your Writing Into Cash[…]

Geoffrey Moore quote on social media

Facebook & Other Social Media: Our Lives So Far

Do you remember the cyber thriller film The Net starring Sandra Bullock? It is about a woman who spent hours on the Internet and woke up one day with her identity stolen. That film was shown back in 1995. It’s 2018 now and what have we done to protect ourselves? Recently, Christopher Wylie, a former Read more about Facebook & Other Social Media: Our Lives So Far[…]

Seth Godin quote

Article vs. Blog – The Very Thin Line Between Them

How are you going to define an article or a blog without differentiating the two? A few years ago, the distinction between them were clear. It was so clear back then that we could list the differences down and arrange them in a table. Nowadays, there exist a very thin line between an article and Read more about Article vs. Blog – The Very Thin Line Between Them[…]

How Much Will You Charge?

You might have read the quote above by American comedian and writer Robert Benchley. How much should a freelance writer charge is one of the frequent questions asked among writers. A freelance writer can charge whatever he or she wants as long as it makes sense for him or her, for the client, and for the Read more about How Much Will You Charge?[…]

yellow pad and pen

What Am I Doing Lately

 You might have noticed that my last entry was  dated late January. I haven’t written anything since then. Aside from doing some projects for clients, I have other personal affairs to look after. To give you an update, here are what I’ve been doing lately: My father’s cataract operation My father had been complaining about Read more about What Am I Doing Lately[…]

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