A Prayer in Poetry

My Prayer

I don’t remember what year that was when I first saw a prayer card (elders called it stampita) that has this poem entitled, “My Prayer” by C. L. Shields.

The card was just inserted under a glass top on my mother’s dressing table. Years later, I used the same dressing table during college and noticed the prayer card. I took it, copied the whole poem on paper, and kept it since then.

I tried to memorize the poem by heart and recite it to myself as my personal daily prayer. Whenever I’m troubled, I always recite the first four lines in prayer as my personal mantra.

I couldn’t find the original prayer card anymore (by now, it could have been 50 years old or more). I still have the written copy of the poem. Thanks to Canva, I was able to recreate an image fit for this classic poetry. Feel free to share and let it be our prayer every day.


by C. L. Shields

Thy will be done, O Blessed Lord,

        whatever it may be,

to Thee I pray, each night and day,

       make Thy will known to me.

Give me but strength to do Thy work.

       and always to obey, 

with peaceful mind and heart resigned,

       to watch, to wait, and pray.

I ask not wealth, O Dearest Lord,

       to ease my earthly pain,

for what am I, that I should sigh

      for pleasure or for gain?

I ask not for health’s roseate hue,

       or fame’s delusive breath,

I only pray, in humble way,

       to be with Thee in death.

To be with Thee, O Blessed Lord,

       in sweet and heavenly rest,

to ne’er depart from that loved heart,

       upon Thy mother’s breast.

I ask but grace to persevere

       until my course is run

to watch, and pray, and humbly say,

      O God, Thy will be done!

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