A Different Take on Extra-Marital Affairs

screenshot of Before Sunrise on Screen Red

before sunrise

BEFORE SUNRISE (Yoake no Machi de), 2011, Japan

I missed the start of this Japanese film on Screen Red (HBO Asia) earlier. And according to their website, there will be no other show time this month. I tried looking for it online but I only found trailers, not the full movie version.

Before Sunrise, also known as “In the City of Dawn”, is a 2011 Japanese movie directed by Setsuro Wakamatsu and based on a novel by Keigo Higashino.

Goro Kishitani plays Kazuya Watanabe, a middle-aged manager at a leading construction company. He has a beautiful wife, a loving daughter, has come to accept his hum-drum boring life. He then meets Akiha Nakanishi (played by Kyoko Fukada), an independent beauty who works for the same company, and the two begin a heated affair. After their brief tryst, Watanabe learns that Akiha is the major suspect in the murder of her father’s ex-mistress fifteen years ago. Watanabe realizes he has feelings for Akiha and contemplates to leave his family. As their illicit romance progresses, they circle nearer and nearer towards the expiration date of the murder case’s statute of limitations when Akiha makes a shocking confession about the murder. The unexpected ending and the role of Akiha as a mistress gave the movie a different take on the topic. She not only takes Watanabe for an emotional ride, but asserts her inner independence in doing so.

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