4 Years Freelancing

hands typing on a laptop

hands typing on a laptop

It has been 4 years since I resigned from the security of a regular 9 to 5 job and pursued a freelance writing career.

It was a leap of faith, I jumped without thinking of what will happen to me. All I had was a bagful of prayers to make it through. My daughter was hospitalized due to dengue and I just started a home-based online job while trying to finish a novel I’ve been wanting to be done.

Now, I’m still working at home, wearing pajamas most of the time and sipping coffee while writing. I’ve had my ups and downs in freelance writing in between but the experiences were worth it.

Many are asking how I started, or more accurately, resumed my freelance writing. Well, let’s rewind four years ago.

At the start of 2012, I had this itch to finish my novel once and for all. So before the end of January, I gave my letter of resignation with a month-long notice. However, my boss requested me to stay a little bit longer and by April 2012, I decided to resign irrevocably on May 31. The writing bug kept on biting me.

I created a profile in oDesk (now merged with Elance and called UpWork) and took the oDesk Readiness Test. Upon passing, I fulfilled all the requirements and started applying for jobs. Having the rule of averages in my mind, I tried to maximize the number of applications I’m allowed to submit. Fortunately, within a few days, I got an invitation for an interview from Google Metaweb. And the rest is history…

Okay, I had a few assignments here and there, some paid way too low and some paid just fine. I was paid either per hour or per project. I wrote teleplays, game reviews, erotica, health articles, taught English online, and travel articles.

Thank God, I discovered the Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines. Through them I learned a few tips on how to survive in this career. No longer do I accept a writing project lower than two pesos per word and most of the time, I demand that I be paid per hour.

Right now, I have a full-time job for an online company that specializes in web development and hosting. I’m still wearing pajamas most of the time, sipping coffee while writing here at the comfort of my home.

And if you want to try freelancing, contact┬áme. I’ll be more than willing to help. ­čÖé

Author: Issa Bacsa

A first-hand experience type of copywriter who writes her own experiences and reviews for clients in the consumer-based industries. Also an author and screenplay writer. Proud to be a Filipina.

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