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3D New Generation Blenderizer BL-508

My aunt came to the Philippines and visited my 91-year old father whom I’m taking care of. Within the three weeks of her visit, she bought my father a blender, the 3D New Generation Blenderizer BL-508.

My father suffered his second mild stroke a few months ago and his swallowing was partly affected. He can still swallow soft food but there are times that he is having difficulty in swallowing pills, food, and even drinks that he usually coughs while eating.

So a blender will make it easier for me to prepare food for him and this unit is a blessing.

It has a bright red base, with a dial at the center. This dial shows the four settings — pulse, 0, 1, and 2. The copy written on the box says 4 settings which is a misnomer for me because the 0 setting means off.

It has a 48-ounce glass jar with a plastic black lid and the lid’s handle is a detachable, plastic measuring cup (that’s what the manual said). However, there is no indication on how much is the cup’s capacity.

Anyway, since it is detachable, it is easy for any user to add ingredients while blending. One downside, though, it doesn’t come with a tamper. So I have to use a long teaspoon as my tamper.

There are six blades at the bottom of the jar — 1 pointing downward, 1 pointing side way, and 4 pointing upward. These blades make sure that anything can be cut and blend easily in less amount of time. However, when I tried it on pitted prunes and cooked squash, I was dissatisfied because of the smell of heated motor,

I had to stop the blending process because I smelled something burnt or like an over-heated motor only to find the prunes or squash were not yet fully pureed. And I don’t want to try the higher setting because I might smell the same thing.

So far, the 3D New Generation Blenderizer BL-508 is easy to clean because the parts are removable. The unit works, but because of the smell of heated motor, I’m afraid I’m going to use it more often. I can’t return this to the store because I’m not the one who bought it and I don’t have the receipt to show a proof of purchase.

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