My 10 Must Have Apps

productivity toolsI treat my writing job as a career and business. So to stay on top of the league, I should have productivity apps in my “tool box”.

But for most freelancers, one deciding factor is if it’s free. The apps I mentioned here are free and web-based. Yes, you read it right, F-R-E-E. Although most of these are freemium, meaning you can upgrade its features for a price, the option to stay free forever stays.

Aside from using MS Office (and its alternatives like Open Office and Google Docs) here are some apps I use:

(1) Evernote – This acts as my online/cloud-based notebook. This is where I put my ideas, lists, quotes, notes, and many more. I prefer the desktop app and is in sync with its online counterpart. I find the mobile version too heavy for my phone’s memory.

(2) – This is my default home page whenever I open my browser. It is a visually-appealing bookmarks manager and it supports news feeds and a few widgets.

(3) Penzu – I use this as my online draft notebook and diary. The app has changed to a modern feel. But it gave its old subscribers to stick with the Penzu Classic which I appreciate. I still prefer the notepad theme and the Courier New font both of which are no longer found in the new version. If they could only put in a typewriter sound while I type.

(4) Hemingway – Ernest Hemingway’s tenet is to keep things simple and concise. This app helps my writing achieve that. It shows you how many sentences are hard to read or understand. It also shows how many adverbs or complex words I have in my text. It has a readability score and word count found on the right side, too.

(5) Merriam-Webster Dictionary – All writers depend on a dictionary. This is always bookmarked on my browser.

(6) Duplichecker – Before submitting a document, it would be better to check your text for possible plagiarism. This tool will show if some of my phrases or sentences were taken from other websites. Aside from the plagiarism checker, it also has other free tools like keyword density checker which I also use in SEO writing.

(7) Hiveword – This acts as my novel organizer. It allows me to organize my chapters or scenes and adding or inserting a scene  is easy. I can put in my notes, photos as reference, and outlines in this tool, too. It also has a Knowledge Base where I can read articles about writing.

(8) Hootsuite – Posting on social media takes a lot of my time. But with this app, I’m able to schedule my posts on a specified date and time in the future.

(9) GMX – Like most of us, we do have many email addresses. Now I read all my emails in one site. And I like the calendar, contact manager, and cloud storage features.

(10) OfficeMA – This tool helps me organize my freelance writing business. It has a timer that can monitor the hourly rates I charge to clients.

How about you, what productivity tools do you usually use?

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