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Hi, I’m Issa Bacsa from the Philippines.

I write reviews on books, films, food, travel, games, and products or services. I collaborate with professionals and businesses who provide services or products that I could try and experience first-hand and which I could write about. This way, my own experience will guide readers, the consuming public, to make good choices and at the same time, help promote these professionals and businesses.


In this age of social media and influence marketing, people tend to believe what friends, relatives, and colleagues would say rather than paying attention to paid advertisements. People tend to check first the ratings or reviews before deciding to shell out their hard-earned money.

I have been writing since 1999, but started web content writing in 2012. For the past six years, I have been working with start-up companies, small to medium businesses, and individual brands across different industries creating websites, blogs, press releases, or social media posts for them.

When I got my own website, I started writing about my own opinion on books, films, foods, places, games, and events. I never realized that this could be my new-found niche in writing. So, I decided to give this a go and start exploring.

My free-spirited nature and Jill of all trades attitude has prepared me for the kind of writing I’m expected of. This website and the blogs herein reflect that reinvention.

I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter so you could be updated with the reviews I’ve written. Expect a different review every week on this site and on social media.

For more information, check out my resume, portfolio, blogs, or if you have something for me to try or review, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail.



My first screenplay, “Sa Likod ng Puting Uniporme” (Behind the White Uniform) won Honorable Mention (Finalist) in the 1999 Film Development Foundation of the Philippines Screenwriting Contest.


Marissa N. Uycoco-Bacsa Professional Services is the registered business name of Issa Bacsa and Creative Mixed Media Freelancing.


FWGP member since 2012. As a group, we fight for competitive rates and against exploitation of the writers’ talents. Creative writing is an art, but also a profession.


Their words, not mine.

As a Freelance Writer

Very good writer and always on time with deadlines. – Jasmine D., client

5 stars! – Alex P., former client

I love the look and sound of the first few pages. This output is what I am looking for. It is so good that it almost does not need a revision. – Irene L., client

Your essay is awesome, and I’m glad to have you on my team! 🙂 – Reina G., former client

As an Author

Number One Fan

This has a really unusual and interesting setting for a mystery novel. This reader does not recall ever reading a book set in newscasting, or in the Philippines, which lends a really original cast to the whole story. Regine is clearly is a strong and capable woman, and her sense of family and responsibility as well as ambition keep the reader on her side. Overall it is a strong idea for a story and a setting that could support sequels. – Judge, Writer’s Digest Self-Published eBook Award

We are interested in to publish your book named “Number One Fan” in Turkish. I just wonder if the Turkish rights of the book are still free… – Ilker Balkan, Foreign Rights Manager, Altin Bilek Yayinlari

Your book has been selected to be in’s latest Top 1,000 USB Bundle. We’ve published tens of thousands of books and have had millions downloaded from our online library. To be selected demonstrates exactly how well-received your book has been. Congratulations! – Nicolas Gremion, CEO,

I did not see this coming. You literally had me on the edge, The plot was too good…. It was a mere pleasure reading this…. – Anonymous reader

The Vixens

Congratulations Issa, Just finished Vixens. I am very impressed with your writing. Lots of twists and turns in the stories. You held the reader’s interest well. Well done. – Brian T., client

I like it, Very clever script. – Ramos Marco, reader