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Number One Fan

Can Regine’s stalker be her Number One Fan? His message to her was: “Make me number one or else someone will die!” Too bad, Regine dismissed it as a prank.

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The Vixens

A trilogy about three of six women who call themselves The Vixens (female foxes, female bitches).

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The First Trilogy

Three romantic comedies during the start of text messaging. These are Issa Bacsa’s first three novels.

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Paolo could be Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. But he has post-retrograde amnesia. Can his lawyer prove his innocence?

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Issa Bacsa

The Write Person for the Write Ideas
Freelance Writer & Author

ISSA BACSA used to work in a medical laboratory and could have been working in forensics. Issa has been writing since the early ’80s. Her educational background, her work experiences, and her love for writing give the advantages to write diverse topics in different formats.

ISANG MANUNULAT. There are many freelance writers out there, but there can be only one right person for your project. I could be THAT one writer (“isang manunulat“, in Filipino). Also, Isang Manunulat can also be my nom de plume.

MY QUALITY ASSURANCE. I will treat YOUR writing project as MY own. I will not stop writing until you get satisfied. I am a writer. I am an artist. I always treat a project like a work of art. Doing good is my religion, thus helping people has become my second skin. I am willing to go an extra mile for my clients, because doing so is one of the keys to success.

  • Novels, novellas, e-books, screenplays, & comics manuscripts (graphic novels)

  • Articles, blogs, ad copies, web content, SEO, social media, press release, etc.

  • For people who can't write or too busy to write

  • For people who need help in writing


"Benjamin Franklin said, 'If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.' I decided to do both." - Issa Bacsa

Honorable Mention

Won Honorable Mention (Finalist) in the 1999 Film Development Foundation of the Philippines Screenwriting Contest.


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Freelance Writers Group of the Philippines

Member since 2012

Amercian Writers & Artists, Inc.

Member since 2017


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Bleeding pen, ink blots, black and red splatter patterns = Random thoughts, rants, and clicking keys on white screen and paper.

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