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Our first evidence, her published works.
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Number One Fan

Newscaster Regine Sta. Maria receives a bouquet of flowers and a phone call from someone who calls himself her Number One Fan. His message: make him number one or someone will die. The next day, she dismissed it as a mere prank. After a week, the police found her Journalism professor dead and journalists start to die one by one.

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One accident: drunk driving. One died: Kaye, the Mayor’s daughter. One case: Reckless imprudence resulting to homicide. One suspect: Paolo, Kaye’s boyfriend and his family’s black sheep. One verdict: Guilty beyond reasonable doubt. One problem: Paolo has post-retrograde amnesia. One lawyer: Atty. Rita Madrilejos, who will do her very best to prove Paulo’s innocence and win her first solo case. NOTE: Written in Filipino

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Si Aling Mameng

Aling Mameng, as she was called, was the most hated neighbor in Sunshine Village, a small subdivision outside Metro Manila. So when she died of heart attack, no one came to her funeral. But when the police found out that she was poisoned, all who hated her became suspects.

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Now Brewing

Get a sneak peek of what I’m currently writing. A legal drama with a twist of love story.

Work In Progress

Issa N. Uycoco-Bacsa

Inside Her Crime Fiction Laboratory
Crime Fiction Fan, Instructor, & Writer

Crime Fiction Lab is a place where my stories brew and I’m your funky brewster. I used to work in a medical laboratory and could have worked in forensics. One day, a writing bug bit my right hand. It stung so deep that I have found myself concocting tales since the late ’80s. My educational background, my work experiences, and my love of writing have given me the advantage to write diverse topics in different formats. Like other lab subjects, this site contains theories and lab activities from which you can learn a thing or two about crime fiction writing. And if you're in need of someone who could write and do some research for you, feel free to contact me. Let's begin reading & writing crime fiction.

  • Writes novels, novellas, short stories, screenplays, & comics manuscripts (graphic novels)

  • Writes articles, reviews, and blogs for web content and SEO

  • Writes ad copies, press releases, and social media posts across major social media networks

  • Can do work-related writing, editing, & proofreading including newsletters, corporate profiles, web content, and business plans

More Evidences

"Benjamin Franklin said, 'If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.' I decided to do both." - Issa Bacsa

The Company

Creative Mixed Media Freelancing
Creative Mixed Media started as a production house project back in 2001 as a SEC-registered partnership. I started freelance writing in 2002 and enjoying the work at home life since then, with a few employments in between.

Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines

A proud member of the Freelance Writers Guild of the Philippines (FWGP) since 2012.

The Clients

Alphabetically arranged in a separate page are some of the freelance writing gigs I’ve done for clients or companies that I’ve worked with. Efforts are made to keep this list updated.

Honorable Mention

Awarded Honorable Mention (finalist) in the 1999 FDFPI Screenwriting Contest for my first screenplay, “Sa Likod ng Puting Uniporme”. The Film Development Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. sponsored the competition.

At a Glance

In one of my blogs is a creative resume in an infographic style that summarizes who I am.

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Estimates on all writing projects are customized for each client. A writing project could be quoted based on the nature and scope of the project, the actual budget, and the time required for me to finish it. Feel free to contact me for quotation .

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True Crime Stories

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Bleeding pen, ink blots, black and red splatter patterns = Random thoughts, rants, and clicking keys on white screen and paper.

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